Launch Commands

Kitty Launcher uses the built-in OS X terminal “open” command to launch applications so any application/text editor is supported as long as you know the application name.

If your editor has its own command line tool integration such as “subl” for Sublime Text, you can switch Kitty to use that command. Simply go to preferences -> editor and change “open -a ‘Sublime Text'” to “subl”. Make sure you setup the shell integration before switching Kitty to use it.

Note that the path or file to open is added by Kitty when you setup a project.

Application, Using “open -a”, Shell Integration, Documentation
Application Using “open -a” Shell Integration * Documentation
Atom ‘Atom’ atom View Instructions
BBEdit 10 ‘BBEdit’ bbedit View Instructions
Brackets ‘Brackets’ brackets View Instructions
Coda 2 ‘Coda’ coda View Instructions
PHPStorm 8 ‘PHPStorm’ pstorm View Instructions
Sublime Text 3 ‘Sublime Text’ subl View Instructions
TextMate 2 ‘TextMate’ mate View Instructions

* Shell Command Line Tools need to be installed. Please view the instructions for your app.

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